Magnetic Signs
A pair from £45

They say there is no better way to get your message across than putting it on a sign. If that is the case, then magnetic sign is just what you need. Utilize our designer to find the perfect magnetic signs to fit your taste and needs. These magnetic signs are perfect for persons who are fans of fancy 24/7 advertising and also, great for persons who are not fans of 24/7 advertising. The magnetic signs offer the flexibility and convenience of using the signs when you want. You can simply remove them when you don’t need them. Our magnetic signs gives you the power to design your own magnetic van signs or magnetic car signs. Choose how you want to design your sign. This service is really easy. It is also a very cost effective way of delivering just what you want to say.  All you have to do is choose from a number of different sizes, colours and designs.

Enjoy advertising in style and comfort when you advertise with magnetic signs. The distinctively designed magnetic signs are great for far reaching advertisement. You can get all the perks of great advertising for a really inexpensive cost to your business.

Features of the magnetic signs include:

• The signs are made from strong and durable materials.
• Simply pick the colour scheme which will give you the perfect finish.
• The signs are very flexible.
• They come in a variety of sizes.
• They are easy to handle and remove and can be used.

Types of businesses that use magnetic signs:

• Wholesale and retail businesses.
• Lawyers.
• Agencies and consultants.
• Hotels.
• Service industries.
• Banks.
• Car sales companies.
• Construction companies.
• Food and Beverage companies.
• Health Care Providers.
• Real Estate.
• Sports Teams.
• Transportation companies.


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